Choose Your Committees

Choose your Committees:

Please read through the following list of committees and email your Head Counselor with your top three choices.  If you would be interested in being the “Head” of a committee, please indicate in the email.

Two Week & Four Week Junior Camp
Email Corie Wilson at with your committee choices.

Two Week & Four Week Intermediate and Senior Camp.
Email Corie Wilson at with your committee choices.

Counselor Committees:

Evening Entertainment – Plan all camp nightly activities such as skits, talent show, games, etc.

Sunday Afternoon Event – This group plans a fun, active, “station-to-station” type afternoon event, lasting about 3 hours.  It takes a lot of planning, attention to detail, and a spirit of fun.

Newsletter – Usually takes time (daily) to write down the day’s activities. Then it takes at least one hour Friday, Saturday and Sunday to write and complete.  You will be in a group that takes turn writing the weekly camp newsletter.  Karen will take your newsletter and upload to “Emma” our email engine. So no one is really in charge… We just take turns, week-by-week, doing a newsletter.

Photography – Big Job, but manageable with your schedule. Pictures on the Nakanawa web site are the life-line for parents.  On this committee, you will share in the responsibility of taking pictures at various events (classes, meets, evening entertainment, free day events) so that they can be uploaded to the web site.

Council Ring Coordinator  – (Intermediate and Senior 2 and 4 week sessions only).  You would be in charge of the entire Council Ring evening, making certain all individual jobs and recognitions are complete.

Council Ring Challenges – This group selects and lead the challenges once a week at Council Ring.  Challenges are little competitions among the council ring “tribes” (or campers.)

Council Ring Legend – The legend is a story (usually told from a Native American view) which is acted out by campers.  Your committee helps choose or write the legend, direct the story (campers), assist them with set up and performance once a week at Council Ring.

Fire building – You will build at least one fire a week (at Council Ring), but there are other (sometimes random) times you will be called upon to build fires: overnights, vespers, etc.

Sort and Hand Out Mail – BIG JOB! Just like it sounds…. you sort and hand out the mail.  If you are a 4 Week Senior counselor, do not choose this.  It’s just for Junior camp counselors and the 2 Week Intermediate counselors.

Outgoing Mail and Laundry – No you’re not doing the laundry, but rather handing out the laundry slips to cabins, making sure they put their bags on the proper pick up areas, and then organizing the laundry packages when they return from the laundry service.

Flag Raising and Lowering – You work with a different cabin each day, teaching and helping them with flag raising and lowering.

Commissary – Each day, the commissary is open after rest hour (and other times perhaps).  You sell stamps or items, or hand out apples or snacks.

Milk Break / Apple Break – Every day you help serve a morning snack. Yum!

Free Day – One day a week, we do something other than have classes.  But it’s not “free.”  This committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the activities of the day, from hikes to friendship bracelets to special activities.

Overnights – This committee organizes the overnights, making certain every detail is planned and implemented from food, water, devotion plans, fire building, etc. You also help generate excitement and enthusiasm among the other counselors and campers.

Sr. Camp Trips Coordinator – Senior 4 Week Session only. This is a BIG JOB.  You plan and implement the 5 different trips taken by Intermediate and Senior campers. Bring your best patience and organizational skills to this task.

Oversee Patrol and CB Clean Up  Every night, from lights-out until midnight, two counselors serve on patrol.  They make sure that the cabin area is quiet, and they are the go-to counselors in case campers have a problem while their counselors are out of the cabin, hanging out in the CB.  These same two counselors will also be responsible for cleaning/tidying the CB that same day.  Sort of a two-for-one deal.  The Patrol and CB Clean Up Committee will make up the schedule, make sure the tasks are complete, and fill in if need be.

Counselor  Church  This committee plans the one counselor church that takes place during the 4 week camp session (Sunday #3).  (So do not sign up for this if you are only doing the 2-Week session).

Counselor Vespers – (Not for 4 Week Senior session)  Vespers quiet reflective time spent down by the lake, Sunday evenings around dusk.  This committee will organize the vesper service.  It’s always a special Nakanawa tradition.

Inspection – BIG JOB!   This committee will inspect the cabins daily, evaluating each cabin based upon tidiness and cleanliness.  You will have allocated time to complete this task.

Lost and Found – This committee not only helps gather all lost and found items, but organizes it in the lost and found bin, then makes sure it gets back to its rightful owner as soon as possible.  It is best to do this on-going. The committee is also responsible for helping out with this task at the end of both camp sessions.

Posture  Yes… you would be “the posture bird!” Since 1920, Nakanawa girls have been proud of their good posture.  And  we recognize those campers once a week if they are sitting ups straight and tall.  It takes a committee to catch them sitting up tall.  If you teach a class such as glee club, arts & crafts, even canoeing, you may  be able to spot them in your class time.  Otherwise, you would take notes of campers’ names who have good posture, and present their names at Council Ring each week.

Event set-up
This is one of those behind-the-scenes jobs that is so important, happening in stealth, unnoticed way.  This committee is responsible for setting up the Wigwam or Council house for events such as team drawings, church, even some Evening Entertainments if called upon.

4th of July Event – Do not sign up for this if you are in the 2 Week Session only.  The afternoon of the 4th of July is a fun, action-packed afternoon filled with games and activities.  You and your committee will plan the events, organize and lead them.  (Oh, as well as clean up any messes, too.)

Circus – BIG JOB!  Though this is a Senior 4 Week committee.  The planning actually begins during the Intermediate 2 Week session. So sign up if you want a big planning (and fun) job, and will be on the Int/Sr side of the  lake for both sessions.  It’s a 3-ring-circus!

Slideshow Coordinator – Sr 4 Week – Member of TR’20.  If you are a member of TR’20, and you are in the 4 Week Senior session, you could sign up to be a part of this committee.  It is a BIG JOB, and one that takes many weeks to pull together.