Meet Annette Hall

Annette Hall has worked at camp for 40 years and is officially the Financial Specialist and Advisor to Camp Nakanawa!  Unofficially, there is not a job title thorough enough to describe all that she brings to camp.  Annette has a true connection with nature.  She is an avid gardener, photographer, fisherwoman and lover of animals.  On any given day, you will find her deep into the butterfly garden or around camp planting flowers, watering flowers or rescuing bunnies and birds of all shapes and sizes.

Annette is one of seven siblings who grew up in Jamestown, Tennessee which is not far from Mayland.   Annette’s husband, Mark Hall, did not live far from her family and it wasn’t long before the two caught each other’s eyes and ultimately married. They have been married for 40 years!  Mark is the minister at their church and he and Annette have devoted their lives to ministering to this community in so many ways.  Annette describes herself as a “behind the scenes” person when it comes to church but she also loves to sing and it is rumored that she is quite talented in this area!

Annette and Mark have two children — their late son, Josh, and their daughter Whitney.  The ultimate passion and piece of Annette’s heart is  her granddaughter, Lauren!  Annette adores being a grandmother to this precious child.  It goes without saying that Lauren will want for nothing with Annette around.  They are the best of buddies and get to spend a great amount of time together!

“One of the reasons that I have loved working at Nakanawa is because I sit at this desk and the world comes to me.  I have met so many people and experienced so many different things without even leaving my small community, ” Annette explained.  She had a great admiration for her grandmother who was one of 13 children and lived through the depression.  Annette said that her grandmother was a great influence in her life because she was warm and loving.  She loved life and lived it to the very fullest.

Annette has surely carried on that legacy and claims that her motto for living a good life is “Faith, Family, Friends!”  Annette embodies the Spirit of Nakanawa in every way and camp has benefited far beyond measure from all that she has given.