Guidelines for Visiting Camp

Guidelines for Visiting Camp

As many of you join us for weekend visits, and plan your visits for the final weekend of camp, we’d like to share some guidelines with you about visiting with us.Please do not drive your car into camp unless it is the opening or closing day of camp. Park in the parking areas, and check in with the counselor greeting visitors. If it is the beginning of rest hour, we will bring your daughter to you so that you may visit on the games/soccer fields.

Enjoying the lake: You are encouraged to sit by the lake and enjoy its beauty. However, only campers and camp staff may be in or on the lake. For insurance reasons, we cannot permit visitors in the water, out in boats, or even on the docks.

Rest rooms: Female visitors are welcome to use “Egypt,” the bathhouse we use during camp. Male visitors have their own facilities (known as Men’s Egypt) between the Games Field and the CB in Junior. In Senior, there is a Men’s Egypt below the dining hall, or you may use the bathroom in the Library.  In addition, all visitors are welcome to use the bathroom in the Office.

Meals for visitors: Visitors are welcome to join us in the Dining Hall for supper on the last day of camp. Other seated meals in the Dining Hall are planned to accommodate only campers and camp staff. There are several local options for buying a meal nearby. Ask someone in the office for a recommendation and directions.

Other food: Campers may not eat food except that given by camp as long as they are in camp. Please restrict your consumption of foods you may have brought to times and places where you will not be seen by campers.

Cell phones: Campers may not use cell phones while they are campers. Please don’t offer your daughter your phone while visiting her at camp.

Men in the cabin area: During most of camp, we ask that male visitors stay out of the cabin areas. Of course, all are welcomed to all-camp events. However, on the last day of camp, fathers and other male guests may help load luggage in the cabin area.

Campers to abide by camp rules: Please remember that your camper is expected to attend all camp activities, meals, etc., and to abide by all camp rules until she is out of camp.

Taking campers to Senior Camp: If your camper has a sister in Senior, you make take your Junior camper with you to Senior after discussing it with her counselor, and only if she will not miss a scheduled activity. Her friends will need to stay in Junior Camp.