Packing List for Mother Daughter Weekend

Packing List for a Weekend at Camp

Guests will lodge in camp cabins, which are equipped with bunk beds and cubbies.
Bathroom facilities are located in “Egypt,” our bathhouse that’s close to all cabins.

Things to bring for Service Weekend and Mother Daughter Weekend:

__ Towels
__ Linens

__ Bedspread or sleeping bag
__ Pillow
(Note: If you are flying and cannot bring bedding, we can provide you with a camp sleeping bag and pillow.)
__ Comfortable clothes
__ Bathing suit
__ Water shoes
__ Warm clothes (nights and mornings can get chilly…think layers!)
__ Rain gear
__ Jeans
__ Toiletries
__ Bug spray
__ Flashlight
__ Water bottle – We will fill our waterbottles at one of the many water fountains located around camp.

A word about Egypt – Our bath house is called Egypt, because in the olden days of Nakanawa, it was considered “far, far away.” We suggest flip-flops or shower shoes, and perhaps a small “Egypt bucket” for you and your daughter(s) to share.  In the bucket, you will have all the necessities: shampoo, soap, your toothbrush and toothpaste; anything needed for that far-off journey to Egypt!

Snacks – For Mother-Daughter weekend, we encourage Moms to bring along snacks.  We will provide plenty of grab-and-go food, but you know best what your daughter enjoys.  Feel free to bring a cooler.