General Camp Information

General Camp Information

If sisters are enrolled, a discount of 10% off the total tuition will be allowed, deductible from the final payment.

The suggested amount to geve your daughter is $10.00 per week. This would be used for items sold in the Commissarysuch as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, film, stationery or stamps if needed. All snacks, drinks, trips are included in the tuition fee and an order form for clothing will be sent with the Letter of Final Instruction in April and is available from this website.

Campers may arrive by car or plane. Campers arriving by plane will be met in the Nashville Airport. Trunks and duffel bags must be sent ahead by FED Ex or UPS or it can accompany the camper by car. All luggage will be shipped home by Fed Ex or UPS if the camper is flying. This service is also offered to campers who will go home by car if it is requested.Written permission is required if returning home with anyone other than legal guardian or parent. Airline flights must fly into/out of Nashville, Tennessee, and arrive/depart between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm on opening/closing day of the session. You may email us with your campers travel arrangements or fill out the card that will be sent to you in the letter of final instruction in April. Please note that we would like to receive confirmation of your campers travel plans even if you plan on driving her to and from camp.

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All special dietary needs must be acknowledged by a licensed Physician with a written request to the camp and then approved by the directors. Supplemental foods will be kept in the Infirmary. Any possible menu substitutions, questions or concerns should be discussed with the directors prior to May 1st.

Since the primary purpose of a summer camp is to conserve health, Nakanawa requests that campers receive no eatables of any kind while in attendance at camp. Fresh fruit and fruit juices are available in the commissary on a daily basis for those who wish it. There is also a Milk Break in Junior Camp and a Fruit Break in Senior Camp each morning. The camp diet is carefully planned and is nutritious in quality, varied and appetizing. Counselors and campers who have attended Nakanawa in past years will bear testimony to the excellence of the meals served at camp.

Our campers of Catholic faith have the opportunity to attend Mass during both sessions.  The campers and counselors get up early on Sunday morning in order to attend Mass and be back in camp to enjoy all of the activities planned.  Please indicate on the application if your daughter will attend.  Unfortunately, we can not make any changes after the camp season has begun.

Our telephone number is 931/277-3711 and our FAX number is 931/277-5552. We do not allow campers to receive phone calls, to make phone calls or to send faxes. However, you may send her faxes or email her at, please be sure to put her name, cabin number and Junior or Senior Camp in the subject line.

Parents and visitors are always welcome at Nakanawa. We would like to request that you defer your visit until after the first week of both sessions. The best time to visit is during Rest Hour from 1:30-3:30 pm CDT. Please visit on the Games Field away from the cabin areas where the other campers and counselors will be resting. Parents of our two week campers are invited to join us for the Buffet, Musical and Awards Presentation on the final Friday. Parents of our four week campers are invited to join us for the Operetta, Fine Arts Program, Buffet and Trophy Night on the final Saturday. Reservations are required for the Buffets.

Nakanawa is open to girls of good character between the ages of 8 and 17. The two week session is open to girls that are 8 to 14 and completed grades two through eight. The four week session is open to girls that are 8 to 17 and have completed grades two through eleven. Each girl is expected to conform to the rules and regulations of Nakanawa and the guidelines set forth by each team. We expect our girls to be loyal campers and to cooperate with the Directors and camp authorities. We do not allow smoking, profanity or any drugs other than those prescribed by a doctor. The Directors reserve the right to dismiss any girl or deny admission to any applicant who, in our opinion, is deemed undesirable or whose presence would be detrimental to the best interest of Nakanawa. In the event of dismissal or withdrawal for any reason, no part of the camp fee will be refunded, except when withdrawal is advised by our own physician, in which case the loss will be shared by the camp and the patron. Girls who will be eight years old before July 1 are eligible for admission to Junior Camp for both the two week and four week session. Girls who will be eleven by January 1 or have completed the sixth grade will be eligible for Intermediate Camp for the two week session. Girls who will be twelve by January 1 or have completed seventh grade will be eligible for Intermediate Camp for the four week session. Girls who will be fifteen by January 1 and have completed the ninth grade will be eligible for Senior Camp. Should there be any question as to which camp will be most suitable for a camper, it would be best to discuss placement with the Directors before reaching a decision.

Laundry is sent on a weekly basis and the fee is included in the tuition. For the two week session it is sent out on the first Friday and returned on Saturday. During the four week session in Junior it is sent out on Monday and returned on Wednesday; in Senior it is sent out on Wednesday and returned on Friday.

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***NO video, wireless electronics or cell phones allowed.
***Each article should be marked with camper’s name using name tags or indelible ink.
***A complete list of the items a camper brings should be attached to the inside lid of her footlocker.
***Footlocker or trunk for shipment and storage of clothing.
***Duffel bag for shipment of bedding.
***Rental Linens for International Campers include: footlocker, sheets, towels, pillowcases, pillow, blankets, laundry bags, boat cushion, and sleeping bag.