COVID-19 Updates

2021 Covid-19 Protocol
May 26, 2021


Camp Nakanawa will make every effort to create an environment that will ensure the health and safety of the children you have entrusted to us.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected all our lives.  The published Protocol for Camp Nakanawa has been developed with the guidelines from the Cumberland County Tennessee Health Department, the Center for Disease Control and American Camping Association.   If future changes in Protocols and Guidelines are issued, they will be posted on our Website: 


  1.  Temperatures will be taken for campers and parents/guardian, with touch-less thermometers. This includes a Health Screening and a questionnaire about any symptoms and persons you have been in contact with that have possibly been exposed to the virus. 
  1.  Campers, please quarantine at home for 7 to 10 days prior to arrival at camp. Campers MUST arrive with the negative results of a Covid-19 Test having been taken 3 to 5 days prior to arrival at camp.  Or, if available, have your daughter vaccinated for Covid-19 prior to attending camp. Please bring vaccination card with you.
  1. Any campers that are experiencing any symptoms like fever, sore throat, nausea, please contact camp and delay your arrival to camp.
  1. We request only one parent deliver their camper to camp.
  1. Campers are required to wear masks on Opening Day and at other times to be determined. Please have your camper bring 5 to 10 washable masks with her to camp. 
  1. Parents and Campers please check in at Welcome Gazebo in Junior or Senior Camp. All campers and their luggage will be delivered to their cabins by camp personnel from the Senior Camp Wigwam Area and the Junior Camp Parking Lot.  We encourage you to ship your daughter’s luggage to camp via FEDEX or UPS one week prior to the opening of camp.   The luggage will be delivered directly to her cabin.
  1. All Medical Forms should be completed, signed by the parent and the doctor, and submitted to camp before Opening Day by mail, email or FAX.


  1. All cabins and mattresses will be disinfected regularly.
  1. Proper PPE supplies will be available at each Infirmary.
  1. If someone has Covid-19 symptoms, we will immediately isolate and notify the parents. We have identified places suitable for isolation.
  1. Hand sanitizer will be available in Main Buildings, Dining Halls, Infirmaries and various Activity locations.
  1. Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently.
  1. Temperature checks weekly or as needed throughout the session.
  1. We are striving for a Covid-19 Free environment. Requests for campers to leave camp for special events and then return, will not be allowed.  Late Arrivals to camp and Early Departures from camp would be allowed.  No visitors are allowed throughout the camp session.  


  1. Vendor deliveries have no contact with the campers and counselors.
  2. We have a No Package policy.


  1. One parent should pick up their camper. Campers and their Luggage should be picked up in the Senior Camp Wigwam Area and the Junior Camp Parking Lot.   We offer the opportunity to ship your daughter’s luggage home via FEDEX only. 
  1. We plan to video the Two Week Junior, Intermediate Musicals and Four Week Junior Operetta. We will video other events throughout the camp season.   We will post all videos on our Website.
  1. Following present day protocols, Camp Nakanawa will have our traditional closing day ceremonies in all sessions just for the campers and counselors, without parents and visitors. The ceremonies will be videoed and posted on our Website.

This protocol is subject to change according to guidelines published by the State of Tennessee Health Department and Center for Disease Control in May/June/July 2021. 

We appreciate your loyalty and trust in Camp Nakanawa.  We will do everything possible to make this a safe and fulfilling summer.  Thank for your continued support. 

Ann and Pepe