Special Note About Mail

Your daughters will love to hear from you while they are at camp!  Here are two ways to write to them:


Address your camper’s mail as follows:

Camper First and Last Name

Camp Session (ie. 2 Week Junior) and Cabin Number

1084 Camp Nakanawa Road

Crossville, TN 38571


You may email your camper(s) while they are at camp. Emails will be printed each day at 11 AM central time and delivered to your daughter during mail call in the afternoon.

Please use this Email Address: campermail@campnakanawa.com

In the Subject Line please include: Camper First and Last Name, Camp Session and Cabin Number

No Package Policy 

Mail Call is one of the highlights of the day; campers enjoy receiving mail from their family and friends. Over the past few years we have seen an overwhelming increase in the amount of packages. Unfortunately, this has created a messy cabin environment, competition amongst campers to write home for more packages and interferes with the true purpose of camp. Campers who don’t get packages feel left out. In addition, the influx of packages and their waste run contrary to our Environmental Impact Statement.

Only flat letters (No. 10 envelopes and smaller) may be sent to campers. Packages to campers will be returned to sender unopened. This policy includes books, magazines, and oversized envelopes. Please spread the word to family and friends so that you do not incur unnecessary shipping costs. Please do not send camper packages to counselors, as they are not permitted to receive these packages from camp families.

If your daughter is having her birthday at camp, please mark package “hold for [camper’s name] birthday” and drop off at the office on the Opening Day of camp. Remember, do not include food or candy.

A few more thoughts on packages:

  • Please do not bring food, candy, or gum to camp. Food and candy (including gum) are distinct health hazards by attracting mice and other rodents. The Nakanawa teams have as one of their requirements “no food or drink except that given by camp.”
  • All envelopes that are thick and/or larger than letter size will need to be opened for inspection because of our camp policy. Food/Candy will not be stored and is discarded.
  • We understand that campers like to receive (and parents like to send) photos while their campers are away from home. Over the past few summers, more and more parents have been sending photos via the Postagram App. It is free to download, fast and user-friendly. Pictures arrive in a postcard sized format, which we gladly accept and deliver!
  • A word about “bunkies gifts:”  This is a phenomena that has exploded over the years, as well.  This is not something that is necessary. So if you feel bunkie gifts are needed, please anticipate this ahead of camp.  (We feel it is an unnecessary expense.)
  • Again, if your daughter should need to receive a necessary item (i.e. contact lenses, glasses, medication)  please call the office so we know to expect the delivery and get it to her.

Thank you for your understanding. We know that camp is a gift in itself.

Karen Hale, Ann and Pepe Perron

Directors, Camp Nakanawa

Junior Camp: Younger girls require encouragement and motivation to try all activities, both for the experience as well as for gaining knowledge of basic fundamentals. The two week and four week programs are  well organized and schedule activities to meet these camper’s needs. We strive for a camper/counselor ratio of four to one. Junior Camp accepts girls from eight to twelve years old.

Senior Camp: Many girls of Intermediate and Senior Camp age have good foundations in some activities and are anxious to pursue their special skills and interests. With only four required classes – swimming, tennis, glee club, and canoeing – Intermediate and Senior Campers have many elective activities which include arts and crafts, softball, diving, drama, hand bells, lifeguard training, sailing, dance, fencing, archery, riflery, riding, soccer, climbing wall, and zip line. Required classes meet four days a week; some electives meet four days, others two. There is a rest hour daily followed by a free swim period on weekdays.

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