Cup and Song Contest WINNERS

First Place Winners

Molly Cook Britt TR2000


TR 2003- Laura Lazarevich

Second Place Winners

Susie Weston Davis TR 89

SONG – 2 winners!

Katie Cook Dowell TR 05


Annie B. Williams and Family

Third Place Winners

TR 88

SONG – 2 winners!
Tiny Lott McPhillips TR 74 and Granddaughters


Susie Weston Davis TR 89



Contest Rules were…


About ten years ago Sally Tubb Welch (TR ’76) did something fun for a Service Weekend. It was so much fun, it became a Service Weekend tradition (just as 1,000 other camp traditions evolved). She came up with a humorous slogan for the weekend —”Wo He Lo for May!” —and had it printed on cups for “Happy Am I Hour” on the Crows Nest! This soon led to an annual cup slogan contest. Now, Service Weekend attendees add a new cup to their collection each spring. Past winners include: “Walk Along the Lake with Someone Old,” “May Down in Tennessee,” and “Oh Me, Oh May!”  But this year is different, and so deserves a very different slogan!

Two ways to win!!


You need to submit your entry by May 15. Email to and include WoHeLo Cup in the subject line. A panel of judges composed of Sally Tubb Welch and past slogan winners will select the winner and finalists. 


If you find yourself inspired to create more than a short cup slogan, you are invited to write pandemic-inspired words to a camp song, and sing it for us! Songs may be performed solo or with help. Videos should be emailed by May 15 to and include WoHeLo Song in the subject line. Provide a link using Vimeo or YouTube or Smule (provides a service for a modest monthly fee that may be used to blend multiple voices and faces into one video). Winners will be selected by the TIES officers in two categories: Humorous and Sentimental.

History Footnote: Annual Song Contests began in the very early years of camp. Remember, they had eight long weeks to fill with EE. The winner in 1936 later became the Alma Mater, and many of our other favorite songs were written for the contest. Because the tear jerker songs always seemed to win, few cabins wrote funny, peppy songs. So somewhere in the 70s we divided the winners into two categories. We love happy songs, too! After camp was shortened, the Song Contest had to be eliminated because campers weren’t able to learn all the existing songs in four weeks!