Publication of The Spirit of Nakanawa:
A Centennial History
was made possible, in large measure, by the generous support of these  families:


Mitchell/Perron Family
Anna French Brantley TR’52 & Lyn Brantley TR’81
Evie Brantley & Ada Brantley
Miller/Huxford/Kirby/Jones Family
Belknap/Owen/Beveridge/Funk/Patterson Family
Deanie Boteler/Layman/Butchko/Lazarevich/McKechnie Families
Gay/Lloyd Family
The Smither/Hawley/Moore/Dunning/Hathaway Families
Petree/Lambert/Sisk Family
Twinker Burton/Delphine & Mary Palmer Mason
Chamberlain/Smith/Tual/Bumpus Family
Frances Robinson Snipes & Meriwether Snipes Goldstein
Marks/McNutt/Page/Ryll & Fisk/Green/Moate/Blount/Page/Wilson


Smith/Tubb/Welch Family
Corrigan/Carruth/Livingston Families
Colwick/Fisher/Davis/Roberts Family
Cortelyou/Winship/Pressley/Johnson Families
Carolyn Thomas Rogers TR’70 & Laura Rogers TR’01
Dunzelmann/Orgain/Russell/van Leeuwe Family
Samford/Upchurch Family
Dr. Frances Lankford/Lankford/Akers Families
Karen Haun/Barlow/Parrish Families
Graham/Beavers/Moore/Bourgeois Family
Blackwell/Robinson/Pope/Browning/Giles Families
Herbert Sisters/Joan Voorhees/Hayden Family
Bryan Sisters/Ellie Billington TR’74 & Emily Grimes TR’67
del Valle/Carriere Family
Henley/Haslam/Sullivan/Fondren & Coulter Families
James/Daters/Hescock Families
Colcock/Born/Weston/Davis Family
Mendelsohn/DeHaven Family
Bowyer/Ellis/Hunter/Matthews/Stephens Family
Gelderman/Waters Family
Graham/Mattern Family
Martha Mobley/Cumalee Nunn/Mary Pat Haines Family
Karen Rathgeber Hale/Katie/Whipper/Scout Family
Washburne/Heyer/Casey Family
King/Hart/Hosman Families
Holly & Whitney Ivey
Porta/Kleinhoff/Bass/Groves Family
Miller/Krauss Family
Dr. Carl Duer/Landau Family
Lynda Lankford
Mimsy Huger/Rebecca, Blake, Mary Faith Lindner
Mary Miles Loveless TR’71, Mary, Lucy & Kate
White/Bitter/Lupe/Mach Family
Sheldon Lykes & Olivia Eustis Guider
Meg, Jane & Addie/McGriff Families
Fowler/McNabb/Sonneland/Presswood Family
Lott/O’Neill/Dukes/Lewis/McPhillips Families
Glenn Edward Mitchell Family
Andy Mitchell/Lowry Family
Tricia Mullaney/Hagar Family
Harrison/Howard/Miller/Mullaney TR’82
Edwards/Allinson/Murrell/Laycock Families
Chandler/Outlan/Burgess/Kelly Family
Diana Parker/Melissa P. Draper/Martha Lee Reams Parker
Knox/Allison Family
Barbara Keith Brown Payne/Glasgow Family
Marks/Porter/Monk Families
Goodman/Pritchard/Dance & Greene Families
The McMillan/Rodgers/Mayfield/Rissing Family
Roberts/Shepro Families
Margaret Hodges Roddy/Roddy Family
“Eva B” Boylston/Rose Family
Schnacke Family/Courtney, Kiersten, Whitney, Hattie
Shapiro Family
Greer/King/Carey/Sharp/Oakes/Stevenson Family
Mary Jenkins Hardin/Sheriff Family
Mitchell/Reeves/Smith Family
Elizabeth Hayden Hunt/Julie & Junie Lowry/Hayden Taylor
McCullough/Ely/Rushing/Hole/Kurz Families
Gaddy/Upchurch/Tipton/Poore Families
Susan Savage/Buddendorf & Carol Carlock/Vig Families
Costello/Wagner Family
Laura Anthony Waller/Bouffard & Quiram Families
Carrie Ward/Accardi/Johnston/Lazarro Families
Mary Whitmire Bordley/Whitmire Family